What You Should Know About Animated Email Signature


Email signatures are an essential part of communication in the professional world. They serve as a way of signing off emails and provide contact information for the sender. However, in recent years, the trend of animated email signatures has been on the rise. These signatures use animation to add a unique touch to the signature, making it stand out and look more visually appealing. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about animated email signatures, including their benefits and how to create one.

What are Animated Email Signatures?

Animated email signatures are email signatures that contain moving elements such as GIFs, videos, or animations. These elements can be added to the signature to make it more visually appealing and memorable. The animations can be anything from a simple waving hand to a full-blown video that plays when the email is opened.

Benefits of Using an Animated Email Signature:

  1. Improved Brand Awareness: An animated email signature is an excellent way to promote your brand and improve brand awareness. The animation or video can include your logo, tagline, and other branding elements that will help your recipients remember your brand.
  2. Increased Engagement: An animated email signature is more engaging than a static one, which means that it is more likely to catch the attention of your recipients. This can result in higher open and click-through rates, which is especially important for businesses that rely on email marketing.
  3. Professional Appearance: An animated email signature can make you look more professional and established, which is important when you are communicating with clients or potential partners. A well-designed signature can help you make a great first impression and show that you are serious about your business.

How to Create an Animated Email Signature:

  1. Choose the Right Tool: There are many tools available online that can help you create an animated email signature. Some popular options include WiseStamp, Newoldstamp, and HubSpot. These tools usually offer templates, design elements, and customization options to help you create a signature that matches your brand and style.
  2. Add Animation or Video: Once you have chosen the tool, you can start adding animation or video to your signature. You can use a GIF, a short video clip, or an HTML animation. The animation should be short, simple, and relevant to your brand.
  3. Customize Your Signature: After adding animation or video, you can customize your signature by adding your name, job title, contact information, and any other relevant details. You can also choose the font, color, and layout that match your brand style.

What to Consider When Creating an Animated Email Signature

  1. Keep it Simple: When creating an animated email signature, it’s important to keep it simple. Avoid using too many elements or animations, as this can make the signature look cluttered and overwhelming. Stick to one or two moving elements that are relevant to your brand or message.
  2. Size Matters: Animated email signatures can be large in file size, which can slow down the loading time of your emails. To avoid this, ensure that your signature is optimized for the web and compressed to a smaller size.
  3. Consider Your Audience: Animated email signatures may not be appropriate for all audiences, particularly if you are sending emails to a more conservative industry. Consider the tone and message of your emails, and ensure that the animation is appropriate for the recipient.
  4. Test it Out: Before using an animated email signature, test it out to ensure that it works on different email clients and devices.

Best Practices for Using an Animated Email Signature:

  1. Keep it Simple: Your animated email signature should be simple and not too distracting. The animation should not be too long or complicated, and it should not interfere with the message or content of your email.
  2. Test Your Signature: Before using your animated email signature, make sure to test it on different email clients and devices to ensure that it is compatible and looks good on all platforms.
  3. Use Consistent Branding: Your animated email signature should match your branding and style, so it is important to use consistent fonts, colors, and design elements.
  4. Don’t Overdo it: While an animated email signature can be a great way to stand out, it is important not to overdo it. Too much animation or video can be overwhelming and might turn off some recipients.
  5. Include Call-to-Action: An animated email signature is a great opportunity to include a call-to-action (CTA) such as a link to your website, social media profiles, or a recent blog post. This can help drive traffic to your website and increase engagement with your brand.


An animated email signature is a great way to improve your brand awareness, engagement, and professional appearance. With the right tool and design, you can create a signature that stands out and makes a lasting impression on your recipients. However, it is important to follow best practices and not overdo it with animation or video. By keeping it simple, consistent, and including a call-to-action, you can maximize the impact of your animated email signature.