What To Do When Apple Mail Signature Image Not Appearing


If your Apple Mail signature image is not appearing, it can be frustrating and may make your email look unprofessional. Here are some possible causes and solutions to fix the issue.

Image is Not Embedded:

One possible reason why the signature image is not appearing is that it’s not embedded in the email. When creating a signature in Apple Mail, you can choose to use an image from your computer or to insert an image using a URL. If you used a URL and the image is no longer available, it won’t appear in your email signature. To fix this, try embedding the image by dragging it into the signature field directly from your computer.

Image is Too Large:

Another possible reason why the signature image is not appearing is that it’s too large. If the image file size is too large, it may not load properly in the email. To fix this, try resizing the image to a smaller file size using an image editing program like Photoshop or Canva.

Image is Not Saved in the Correct Format:

Apple Mail supports a range of image formats, including JPEG, PNG, and GIF. If your image is saved in a different format, it may not appear in your signature. Make sure your image is saved in one of the supported formats.

Signature is Not Set Up Properly:

If you recently updated your Apple Mail app, it’s possible that the signature settings were reset. Double-check that your signature is still set up correctly in the preferences menu.

Internet Connection:

If your email signature image is hosted on a remote server, a slow or unreliable internet connection could be causing the image not to load properly. Try connecting to a different network or wait until you have a stronger internet connection to send the email.

Firewall or Antivirus Software:

If you have firewall or antivirus software installed on your computer, it may be blocking the image from loading. Try disabling the software temporarily to see if that fixes the issue.

Email Client Compatibility:

Some email clients may not support certain image formats or embedded images. Check with the recipient to see if they are using a compatible email client.

Solutions To Fix Apple Mail Signature Image Not Appearing

  1. Check Image Attachment or Link: Double-check to make sure that your signature image is properly attached to the email or that the image link is properly formatted and linked.
  2. Change Image File Type: If your image file type is not compatible with Apple Mail, try converting the image to a different file type that is compatible, such as JPEG, PNG, or GIF.
  3. Resize Image: If your image is too large or too small, resize the image to an appropriate size. A good size to aim for is around 500 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall.
  4. Check Internet Connection: If you’re using an image link in your email signature, make sure that you have an active internet connection. If your internet connection is slow or not working, the image may not load.
  5. Allow Images to Load: Check your email client settings to make sure that images are set to load automatically or that you have manually allowed images to load.
  6. Use a Different Email Client: If you continue to experience issues with your Apple Mail signature image not appearing, consider using a different email client that may be more compatible with your signature image.


An email signature can provide a professional touch to your emails and help to promote your personal or business brand. If you’re experiencing an issue with your Apple Mail signature image not appearing, there are several reasons why this may be happening and several solutions to fix it. By following the tips provided in this article, you can ensure that your Apple Mail signature image appears properly in all of your emails.